The Hickory Wood Walking Cane by the Walking Cane Company

Hickory wood Walking stick
159 Derby Hickory Natural – Med Walnut Stain

Hickory wood has been used for many years to make tool handles, wagon wheels, furniture and many more items. Pound for pound hickory wood is as strong as wood you will ever get. Available in four colors natural, medium walnut, cherry and black stain, two handle styles derby and fritz. Comes standard with a brass deco ring, other options include a silver plated ring and Monte Carlo ring.
Very durable and strong the hickory wood walking cane should support up to 275 pounds when used properly. If you don’t see what you want we will gladly build you a custom walking cane to your specifications, please call us and discuss what you need. View the whole line of hickory wood walking canes here.

Model 159 With Natural Handle and walnut stained shaft shown for $89, Free shipping.