Walking Cane Parts and Supplies for The DIY Walking Cane

Derby Style Walking Cane Handles[/caption]

Walking Cane Company now sells walking cane parts and supplies. Do you have a great stick that would make and great walking cane? Well now you can buy just the walking cane handle. We are selling our most popular Derby Style Walking Cane handle featuring nine different domestic and exotic imported woods. Plus all of the other walking cane parts and accessories.

Walking Cane Parts avaiable now

  • Derby Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane Shafts
  • Brass Rings and Collars
  • Walking Cane Rubber Tips
  • Brass and Silver Walking Cane Tips
  • Hiking Staff Tips
  • Ice Grips

Walking cane parts and supplies
Walking Cane Parts and Supplies for Sale

New Products Coming Soon!

  • More Styles of Brass Rings and Collar
  • Fritz Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Brass Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane building tips
  • More styles of walking cane handles
  • More wood Choices

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Tips on Walking with a Walking Cane

Tips on Walking with a Walking Cane
Tips on Walking with a Walking Cane
Tips on Walking with a Walking Cane

When walking with a walking cane, safety comes first. A walking cane provides support and balance to make walking easier. You may have to walk with a walking cane if you are recovering from a surgery, suffered from a stroke or you have lost some strength or balance in your legs. Although it may seem difficult in the beginning, you will become more confident as time progresses, with a few tips and using the proper form.

Walking on Flat Surfaces

Place the cane about 4 inches to the side of your stronger leg. Putting your weight on your stronger leg, move the cane about 4 inches in front of you and take a step forward with your weaker leg at the same time. Move your stronger leg ahead by using your cane for support.

Walking on Stairs

To walk up the stairs, hold your walking cane in the hand on the same side as your stronger leg. Grasp the handrail, if possible and step up using your stronger side. Using the support of your cane, step up with you weaker side. To come down the stairs, place your cane on the first step, followed by your weaker leg and then your stronger leg. Your stronger leg will carry your body weight.

Walking Safely

Wear shoes that are nonskid to prevent falls and avoid walking on surfaces that are not smooth and dry. Before you begin to walk with your cane, stand still for five seconds to prevent dizziness. Look straight forward when walking with your cane and if you need to carry a bag, choose one that can be worn on your back or that is lightweight.

Proper Positioning

Hold your cane in the hand of the side that is the strongest. When you are standing straight up, the top of the cane should reach the crease of your wrist. Also, bend your elbow when holding your cane.

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