Walking Cane Parts and Supplies for The DIY Walking Cane

Derby Style Walking Cane Handles[/caption]

Walking Cane Company now sells walking cane parts and supplies. Do you have a great stick that would make and great walking cane? Well now you can buy just the walking cane handle. We are selling our most popular Derby Style Walking Cane handle featuring nine different domestic and exotic imported woods. Plus all of the other walking cane parts and accessories.

Walking Cane Parts avaiable now

  • Derby Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane Shafts
  • Brass Rings and Collars
  • Walking Cane Rubber Tips
  • Brass and Silver Walking Cane Tips
  • Hiking Staff Tips
  • Ice Grips

Walking cane parts and supplies
Walking Cane Parts and Supplies for Sale

New Products Coming Soon!

  • More Styles of Brass Rings and Collar
  • Fritz Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Brass Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane building tips
  • More styles of walking cane handles
  • More wood Choices

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Walking Cane Manufacturers Offer Larger Selection of Canes

Offer Larger Selection of Walking CanesSo what is the perfect cane? Well the answer to that depends on your needs. Walking canes and sticks come in a variety of styles, with vast options that will suit any person, condition or style. Whether you are looking for a folding cane that provides a convenient design as well as a great look, or you would rather have a basic, wooden model that is renowned for its resiliency and lasting fashion (or latest fashion trends?), finding a walking cane manufacturer that can provide you with everything you want will offer much more than purchasing the first thing that you come across at the store.

Once you find this type of provider, be sure to look at the breadth of products they offer. Perhaps you would like a seat cane for special events like a child’s championship sports game, bird watching or just a walk in a park.

Most walking cane manufacturers can provide you with the specifics you are looking for like custom made walking cane or a manufacture selling walking cane parts like walking cane handles, walking cane shafts, brass walking cane collars and rings to accent your walking cane. They can also supply walking cane accessories like rubber tips, wrist straps and other walking cane aids.

Also, it is never a bad idea to ask your doctor or medical professional about the available options and see what they recommend for your needs. If you are shopping a major walking cane manufacturer, share their catalog with your doctor and see what they have to say about the available options. Remember that shopping at a large store because they offer an adjustable walking cane that will fit your height is not a requirement. Any major cane retailer worth their salt should be more than willing to help you fit your cane, or teach you how to size a walking cane and adjust the height yourself.

Walking Cane With Telescope 1920

Antique walking cane with Telescope made in 1920
Antique walking cane with Telescope made in 1920

This excellent system walking cane boasts an extendable spyglass as the handle that is made of brass. The handle is hand carved out of appealing dark red Mahogany in the shape of two folded hands that are actually holding the removable telescope. At the narrow end the lens cap of the spyglass can be unscrewed and it can be removed from the circular opening in the hands.

The telescope comes in working condition and the view is very good. The hand carving applied is of high quality and the bronze collar as well as two gilt copper collars at the upper end of the shaft, match the overall appealing look perfectly.

This is a must-have for the dedicated collector of instrumental or system canes!

Walking sticks have existed since the first Homo sapiens picked up a branch to help himself over rough terrain or to use it as a weapon. Civilized men carried on the tradition. From royalty and their use of the scepter to religious leaders and their use of pastoral staffs designed to look like a shepherd’s crook herding the believers, the walking stick has been an important symbolic accessory. Men in authority whether profane or religious have used the staff or walking stick as a symbol of their power at all times.

Some experts claim that the name “cane” arose from the fact that Cain, the son of Adam and Eve slew his brother Able with his staff thus “caining” him to death. In 1838 J. H. Ingram wrote in his essay on canes that in Roman times, dogs in great numbers have infested the streets of Rome. Because of this circumstance it became customary for pedestrians to go provided with stout birchen cudgels equipped at one end with a short, sharp pike to defend themselves against these animals. This cudgel was called “cani”, the dative singular for “canis” which meant literally “for a dog.” The plural of “canis” is “canes” and this is the precise denomination by which they are now known. The later non-historical use of the word cane arose from the fact that many of the sticks are canes in the botanical sense as rattan and bamboo. Malacca in the botanical sense is a cane too. Today the word continues to refer to exotic woods as well as to other materials………

Walking Cane Company specializes in all walking cane repair and refinishing, if you have a valuable broken walking cane generally it can be fixed, if the shaft is broken we can replace it, maybe you have a relative who won’t part with their old awful looking cane, send it to us and we will refinish it for them, give us a call at  1-888-399-4870 or check out our website for new walking canes.