Six Colorful Walking Canes to Choose From in Men’s and Women’s Sizes

Walking Cane in Six Colors to choose from
Wow! Express yourself with this Derby Style Walking Cane. Available in six bright color choices in men’s and women’s sizes.


Wow! Express yourself with this Derby Style Walking Cane. Available in six bright color choices in men’s and women’s sizes, featuring Red Oak derby style handle, brass ring and a maple shaft stained in your favorite color. Made in the USA by the Walking Cane Company assures these walking canes are quality made and will last a long time to come.

Introductory Price of $59.99 will last forever so buy now before the price goes up!

6 Colors Bright Colors to Choose From

Available in Small (Women’s) Size or Large (men’s) Size

Red Oak Wood Handle

Polished Brass Ring with clear coating to prevent tarnishing.

Stained Maple Wood Shaft

Catalyzed Lacquer Satin Clear Coat protects your cane for a long time.

Large Size Supports up to 275 when used Properly.

Small Size Supports up to 175 when used Properly.

Includes High Quality Never Slip Rubber Tip

36″ Long From Top of Handle to Bottom of Rubber Tip

Manufactured in the USA
By the Walking Cane Company

Walking Canes Promote Style and Safety

Enjoying life again
Enjoying life again with the aid of a walking cane

If you find yourself needing a little help to walk safely you can find it in style with walking canes. Connecting style and safety is easy with today’s variety of walking canes. Though some walking canes are for collecting most walking canes are designed to assist you in style and comfort.

If you are wondering what your choices are to connect the safety you need with the style you want well the possibilities are endless. Any choice you can think of is probably available to you when you are choosing walking canes. If you are looking for strong support you may want to choose from the selection of quad canes available to you. These canes have 4 supporting legs on the bottom of the cane, and they also have cushioned handles for added comfort.

You can also find support and style in offset handled canes. These canes offer support of the offset handle with a soft grip. The support shaft is strong and sturdy they are capped with a grip at the bottom for added safety. These canes are available in several colors and styles. Finding walking canes that give you safety in a style you are comfortable with is easy with these canes or from other varieties of canes that are available.

If you are left handed you may be looking for walking canes made just for you. With anatomically correct walking canes you can have the safety you need when you are left handed. If you are right handed you can choose from these canes to they give added support and are made to handle the right anatomical weight. There are of course different styles you can choose from to give you safety with your own special taste.

Maybe you need assistance in walking but not all the time, maybe just getting up or on rocky surfaces there are walking canes just for you. You can find many different styles in folding walking canes. These canes let you carry your cane and when you need it you can get it out unfold it and use it. Sometimes you need the assistance of a walking cane but not all the time these folding canes may just be the choice for you to have a safe aid in walking when you need it.

Some people may need the safety in the help that walking canes provide but they may also need a little break now and then. You can choose to have that little break if you choose a walking cane that is also a seat. That’s right there are now seat canes and they fold from cane to seat, this may be perfect for sight seeing or any activity you want to participate in you can have the support of a cane and the rest a seat cane provides.

As you can see there are many options you can choose from that can connect the safety you need from the aid of a walker to the style that fits your personality. No matter what type of can you are looking for you can find walking canes that connect you to the one for you.

Scott Prevost

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