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Wood walking cane are strong and durable and have withstood the test of time even during a lot of technological advancements in the industry of cane construction, wood is still the choice for all walking cane manufactures around the world.

Carbon Fiber walking canes are a great example of an alternative choice but cannot match the beauty of some of the exotic woods like Cocobolo wood walking cane, Gabon ebony wood walking cane and Bolivian rosewood.  Here at the Walking Cane Company we are one of the largest manufacture of handcrafted wooden walking cane in USA.

Check out our great selection of Daily Use Wooden Walking Canes, Exotic wooden walking canes and find some great examples of custom made walking canes on our Facebook page, your search for the perfect set of wooden walking canes has come to an end. Enjoy some of the custom walking cane slide show below, if you are interested in getting a custom made walking cane give us a call 1-888-399-4870.

Palm Grip Walking Cane
Handle made from Stabilized Spalted Maple
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Wooden Walking Cane
Wooden Derby walking cane Made from Bolivian Rosewood and maple wood
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Barley Classic Lam
This custom made walking cane features East India Rosewood, Maple and Beechwood. This walking cane is fully functional weight supporting walking cane, makes a great addition to any collection.
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Custom Cane with Ivory Handle
The customer sent me his antique ivory handle and we mounted it on a Cocobolo wood shaft with polished brass accents.
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Three Piece Walking Cane
Made from Rosewood with Polished brass collars and Features laser engraving on both side of the handle.
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504 Bocote wooden walking cane
From Our derby walking cane section made from Bocote wood with Brass Ring.
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Palm Grip Walking Cane
Palm grip walking cane featuring figured Maple wood and Bubinga wood
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483 Black Walnut Wood Walking Cane
From Our derby walking cane section made from Black Walnut Wood
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Model 209 Unique Walking Cane
This unique cane series has a threaded removable handle. Included with the shaft are two handles: Unique Hammer Head Handle and the Derby Style Handle. Either handle can be screwed onto the shaft for the appropriate occasion.
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Collector walking cane
Custom made from Bubinga wood with rope pattern twist.
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337 Shillelagh - Figured Maple & Bubinga Wood Walking Cane
Handle made from Stabilized Spalted Maple wood on top of a Bubinga wood shaft.
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Collector walking cane
Custom made from Bolivian Rosewood with rope pattern twist.
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Using a Walking Cane for Self-defense – Man bloodied with own walking cane

Over sized walking cane -Extra strong weight supporting walking cane
Extra strong walking cane compared to our normal size walking cane

I came across this article (below) this morning and it’s something I thought about for some time. I have a few customers who buy extra strong walking canes to defend themselves, or by having a stout walking cane might make a potential assailant think twice about harming you. This reminds me of a few words my father once told me, “If you bring a weapon to a fight you better be prepared to use it, because if you’re not willing to use it on someone there is a good chance someone will use it on you”.  Of course I am not saying the gentlemen in the article below had this intension, but being out late at night makes you wonder why?

Scott Prevost
Walking Cane Company


Man Bloodied with own Walking Cane

By: Mike Aldax | 11/21/11 8:38 AM

A man was viciously beaten with his own walking cane Friday, police said.

The victim’s head was gushing blood when cops found him at the corner of Precita Avenue and Folsom Street, in the area of Precita Park.

One of two goons approached him around 1:20 a.m. and sprayed his jacket with a spray can. The victim yelled at the suspect, demanding to know why he did it, police at Ingleside Station said.

The suspect then snatched the victim’s cane and struck him several times in the head. The victim fell to the ground, but the thug kept beating on him with the cane and kicking him repeatedly, police said.

The suspects fled. The victim was not listed as having life threatening injuries, police said.

A motive for the attack was not immediately known.

Source: San Francisco Examiner


Interesting Facts about Walking Canes

At first glance, walking canes may seem like ordinary, boring objects. However, even common objects like walking canes have fascinating facts that make them more than just walking aids.

Fashion Accessory

Canes used to be normal for every man to carry, not just those who needed help walking. They came in all sorts of designs and were made of different woods and metals. The Stick Man website states that they were even symbols of authority and “an indication of the owner’s wealth and status.”


Besides being fashionable, walking canes were also sometimes weapons. Since they were normal for any man to carry around, it was a simple place to hide a weapon. Either they were made of material heavy enough to hurt someone or they concealed swords or guns inside, the Literary Liaisons website states.

Word Origin

The origin of the word “cane” is thought to trace back to the Middle East. The Word Focus website states that “the word for reed in the Hebrew, Arabic, and Egyptian languages was ‘kaneh.'” The term was adopted into Greek, Latin and other European languages, changing over time until it become the English “cane.”

Marital Arts

Even though walking canes today are used primarily as walking aids, there are also people who use it as a martial arts weapon. Mark Shuey Sr., owner of Cane Masters, asked, “Why should people who need to use a cane in their everyday lives feel like a target? Why not empower them with the knowledge of how to use a cane for self-defense and exercise?” Now he teaches and sells instructional videos for martial arts cane use.

Cane versus Stick

A walking cane and a walking stick are the same thing. Walking Cane World clears up the difference, saying that “the term walking stick comes from Europe and the term walking cane comes from the U.S.A.”

Daily Use Walking CanesDaily Use Walking Cane    www.WalkingCaneCo.com
Daily use walking cane section contains walking canes with prices starting at $20 found in the derby section, or walking canes up to $200 found in the Derby Classic and Fritz Classic sections. You will also find extra long, extra strong walking canes. New product in this section is Erogonomic walking cane which feature a wide handle for one of the most comfortable walking cane to the hand.

The Derby Classic Walking Canes

Made in the USA

A true “Classic” created with unique and exotic woods from around the world.
The derby style handle directs the weight of the individual over the shaft ensuring maximum stability. These high-quality and exotic wood handled canes are made with the finest stongest exotic woods from around the world. Designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and stability. These canes have not been painted or stained. They are the actual wood colors and grains that you see.

See more Derby Classic Exotic Wood Walking Canes

Derby Classic - Exotic Wood - Walking Cane
Derby Classic - Exotic Wood - Walking Cane