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I was once asked to build a custom walking cane, but this fellow had a most unusual request, he had a hip replacement done and was able to keep his ball part from the surgery and was wanting me to mount that to be used as a walking cane handle, I thought about it for a second and turned down the job mentioning I didn’t want to handle anyone’s bones plus the idea just grosses me out. In retrospect he would have been able to get a few more miles out of it.

Custom walking canes is one of my specialties; over the past 13 years I built several hundred, below are some of my recent examples with brief description. Maybe you have an idea for a custom walking cane or stick, had a recent surgery and a few left over parts, I promise I won’t pass up the next chance. Give me a call and we can talk about what you like and you might be surprised with what we can come up with. We also sell walking cane accessories to complete your walking cane.
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Bronze Sculpture of a Mountain Lion mounted on a Black Walnut wood shaft, there was 15 in this series we did for a guy out of New York who commissioned by a University to give out to the staff
Sterling Silver walking cane Customized Formal walking cane features a hand engraved sterling silver band with initials, a custom sterling silver tip and our model 762 Men’s Sterling Silver Cap Doc Holiday Walking Cane on Ebony Shaft. All of our formal walking canes can be customized to fit your needs.
Ankh Walking Cane Ankh symbol mounted on a 48” shaft for an uppity men’s organization, the Ankh was made from black walnut wood and the shaft is black stained beechwood. You must be somebody special when you’re carrying one of these.
Ivory Walking Canes A customer of mine purchased these two antique Ivory walking canes from an auction site, as usual the shafts were old and non-functioning so I replaced them. The Scull was mounted on a simple stick and really looked like it did not belong there, so I did an interesting mount which also helps prevent damage to the scull by giving it plenty of support.
Multi Piece Walking Cane One of my favorite projects is multi piece walking cane, they break down for easy storage in luggage. This cane features a Monte Carlo Walking Cane with a sterling silver hammered ring and brass walking cane tip.
Sterling silver hand holding a microphone Sterling Silver Hand holding a microphone was created for a for a an artist who specialized in Rap music and wanted something flashy to take to the Grammy Awards, I think we managed to get him noticed.
custom deer antler walking cane This deer antler walking cane wasn’t made for anyone I just had this antler and was wanting to do something with it so I came up with this idea. The deer antler was capped off at both ends with ebony wood with a steel rod for strength; I used a brass transition to an ebony shaft which I think turned out very well. Eventually an Attorney Spokane, WA bought this cane for this collection.
sports themed walking canes I have made many sports themed walking canes here an example of one I did for a Minnesota Vikings Fan. Using a billiard ball and mounting it to a painted wood shaft and a silver plated accent ring.

New Walking Cane

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Custom Made Walking Cane Company walking cane, custom made, handle is laminated from Black walnut wood and Red Oak in 5 layers, making it very strong, will support up to 250 pounds when used properly, Below the handle has an accent ring also made from black walnut and red oak wood, on top of a black walnut shaft.

The overall length of the cane is 37″ from the top of the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip the diameter of the handle is 1″ at the top of the shaft it is also 1″ and tapers down to the tip with a diameter of 3/4″.

The finish is teak oil and waxed which really brings out the wood grain pattern, very beautiful cane!

As you can see the handle is in the shape of a question mark, when holding the cane and leaning on it I feel no give in the cane at all, very strong with the laminated handle and the weight of the person directly over the shaft.

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Palm Grip walking Cane

Palm Grip walking cane for sale on eBayThis Palm Grip Walking Cane is made to fit the Right Hand only, this cane is made from Hickory wood so it is very strong, no give at all when I lean on it. The finish is Cherry stain with a satin clear coat finish. The handle is made from two pieces of hickory laminated together for extra strength, the handle is joined to the shaft with a 3/8” X4” Treaded Rod which is glued using epoxy. The shaft at the top measures 1 ¼” diameter and tapers down to 1” at the tip which has a never-slip-rubber tip, the top of the shaft has a solid brass ring with a wall thickness of .125” with a brushed finish with clear coat, which will keep the shaft from splitting out and also adds strength to the cane. The overall length of the cane is 37” and is suitable for a person weighting up to 500 Pounds, the cane itself weights 1 pound 8.2 ounces.

More general info on Palm Grip walking canes….
The palm grip handle is designed for comfort and exceptionally easy to grip. Palm Grip canes feature a handle design that evenly distributes body weight over the surface of the handle. These canes are also made to fit exclusively in your left or right hand. Palm grip canes are much more comfortable than standard cane handles. They work really well for people experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Info on the Manufacture, the Walking Cane Company is a .com business and has been in business for 15 years manufacturing custom walking canes and walking stick and accessories for walking canes, which can be found here at The Walking Cane Company