Antique Walking Cane Restorations and Repairs and Custom Cane Parts

Antique walking canes are great to collect but where do you go when you want to restore an antique walking cane? Walking Cane Company has been restore walking cane, building custom walking cane parts for years.  From repairing sterling silver handles to replacing antique walking cane shaft and period correct walking cane tips. Below you find some examples of things we can do.

So if you have an antique walking cane in need of restoration or repair give us a call 1-888-399-4870

Custom Walking Cane Parts and Supplies For Antique Walking Canes
Brass Bullet Walking Cane Tip
Custom Brass Walking Cane Tip End View
I get allot of request for replacement tips for antique walking cane, here is one I machined out of solid brass, it looked close to the original antique walking cane tip. I have also made ivory walking cane tips out of real ivory and imitation ivory in the past.
Silver plated tip for walking cane with rubber tip
Custom Brass tip for a walking stick
Here is one of my silver plated walking cane tips i been selling for over 10 years.
I built a walking stick for a gentlemen who was sight impaired and needed a 60″ stick with a screw joint and a roller ball tip, Showing here is half of custom brass screw joint along with a custom brass tip which excepts a roller ball tip.
Brass Knob on a hickory stick used a self defense walking cane
Double beaded brass collar for walking cane
Walking Cane Brass Knob ontop of a custom over sized brass collar, which sits on a 1 1/4″ hickory shaft which has a 6″ long 5/8″ steel rod inside the shaft just below the handle. This was purchased to be used as a self defense walking cane. I sure would not want to be on the business end of that deal, this sticks weights in just under 3 pounds.
Brass walking cane collar really ads the bling to this walking cane. Two brass rings with a brass collar and high polished finish.
Walking Cane Screw Joint
Brass Walking Cane Tip
This is the strongest walking cane screw joint you can get. The brass male rod goes down into the shaft 2″ and includes a brass collar and ring to prevent the wood from splitting out and breaking the joint. The female end also goes into the shaft 2′ and also has the brass ring with the wood sticking out past that for more added strength and alingment of the joint. Thiswalking cane screw joint is far superior to any other walking cane screw joint sold by all the comon wood working stores like Lee Valley and WoodCraft.
Another example of a custom made walking cane tip with cut rings at the top. Not really safe for walking but this type of tip is great for displying your walking cane. This particular tip unscews and can be replaces with a standard rubber tip.