For Sale: Ivory and Bone Gun Cane


I really don’t have any definitive information on this cane. I was told by an antique identification expert at an antique show that canes such as this were exported from China in the late 1800’s and early 1900‘s. He also said the material used for the barrel portion was made from some kind of bone and ivory was used to make the rest along with some type of wood.

This Walking Cane is for sale, contact the seller directly, Robert Shelton, Lives in Vancouver, WA his phone number is 360-885-4584. Robert is also the person who makes the Wild Boars Tusk handles Made from Ivory and Sterling Silver which are also for sale at Walking Cane Company website.

Gun Cane Made From Ivory and Bone

Gun Cane Made From Ivory and Bone

Gun Cane Made From Ivory and Bone

  4 Responses to “For Sale: Ivory and Bone Gun Cane”

  1. how much and can you mail it across country? Thank you.

  2. John, Contact the sellar in the information, yes he will ship it to you.

  3. I would love to buy this from you for the right price. So tell me ur price and about how much it would be for shipping from you to me ( Georgia )

  4. Please contact me via email regarding sale of the above item.


    Simon E