PLEASE NOTE: Canes and walking sticks are intended for support and to improve balance when walking. Canes should not be used like a crutch for full weight support. We recommend consulting your physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Canes are not just for elderly people, they are for anyone who needs a little extra support when walking. They can help to compensate for an injury or disability, can prevent falls and make it easier to get around. You can view and purchase a wide range of walking canes in our online store, so read through, have a look at our product range, get yours and get out and about.

When choosing a cane consider the functionality, comfort and fit. Choose a cane that best suits your type of condition and the amount of support you need. For those with a perception or stigma in using a walking stick, we have many stylish models available that are great walking aids but also make ideal fashion accessories.


Standard canes are strong and durable with a fixed length shaft, generally for long-term, frequent users to improve balance and provide support when walking. Length of the cane is very important in preventing falls and making it easier to get around. For the proper sizing of a cane, please read our section below.

Folding canes are ideal for intermittent users and for those just wanting the security for those off days by having one in the glove box of the car, or hand bag, or especially travellers who may encounter distances.

Adjustable height canes can be set to suit the user, and can be changed if the user’s needs change. All our adjustable walking canes come with a user guide explaining how to set the height of the stick.


Crook handle canes are generally for those who need a little extra support or those with a slight or temporary injury.

Fritz handle canes provide additional support as the handle is much easier to grip and so a steadier more comfortable walk can be achieved. Fritz handles are generally smaller compared to other handle styles, hence they are ideal for those with small hands or for arthritic sufferers.

Derby handle canes are designed to guide the user’s weight directly over the shaft ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Ergonomic handle canes are anatomically-shaped, designed to match the contours of the user’s hand. To ensure maximum comfort and support without the necessity of a very tight grip. Highly recommended for arthritis sufferers.

Ornamental handle canes are for the more leisurely user seeking only minimal support. They are ideal canes for special occasions, perfect fashionable accessories and great as gifts.

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  1. my mother had purchased a cane from your company years ago. She still enjoys her cane

    Mom has asked me to checking on purchasing another cane for her with the specifics of the diameter of the cane to being a bit thicker or larger. Which canes from your shop might you recommend or suggest. Mom would like to keep within the cane being made from wood.


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