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FritzWalkingCaneSaleThe Fritz Classic Walking Cane handle was developed in the 16th century by a German count to achieve a more stable and natural feeling walking cane. These fine walking canes are handmade from exotic woods from around the world. Accented with either a brass or silver deco ring, these beautiful walking canes make great conversation pieces. Finish is hand rubbed polished with 3 coats of teak oil.

These canes have not been painted or stained. They are the actual wood colors and grains that you see.
All these walking canes are 100% Made in the USA.

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Save $20 on our Entire Derby Classic Walking Cane Selection Through the end of the month.

These walking canes make great Chirstmas gifts that will last a life time.

A true “Classic” created with unique and exotic woods from around the world.
The derby style handle directs the weight of the individual over the shaft ensuring maximum stability. These high-quality and exotic wood handled canes are made with the finest strongest exotic woods from around the world. Designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and stability. These canes have not been painted or stained. They are the actual wood colors and grains that you see.
All these walking canes are 100% Made in the USA.

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Brass Walking Cane Handles – Walking Cane Parts & Supplies

Brass walking cane handle for the DIY cane maker adds lot’s of class to your everyday attire. This brass handle are easy to mount to your cane shaft by Drilling a 1/4″ hole and taping with 5/16 – 18 NC thread or drill a .03″ over sized hole and in either case use epoxy to secure in place. Be sure to click on the More Pictures link to see all the pictures and how these are assembled.

Brass Walking Cane handles – Buy just the handle or the whole cane kit. If you order a complete walking cane kit including the handle, shaft, 5/16″ connecting rod, brass collar or ring and a rubber tip we will do all the machining to fit all the parts together free of charge, so all you have to do is add your choice of finish to the wood and assemble with glue, we recommend epoxy. Don’t forget our brass or Silver plated cane tips, they make a great addition to any walking cane, we will fit the tips and size your cane also free of charge. View all of our Brass Walking Cane Handles.

Need help picking out all the parts? We love to speak to you over the phone to help you get started call 1-888-399-4870 Ext 1.

Chrome Plated Skull Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5901H
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Chrome Plated Regal Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5902H
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Brass Alligator Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5922H
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Embossed Brass Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5926H
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Brass Eagle Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5920H
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King Cobra Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5928H
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Regal Brass knob Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5931H
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Fair Maiden Brass Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5934H
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Brass Horse Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5939H
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Golden Skull Brass Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5936H
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Brass Duck Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5940H
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Fair Maiden Chrome Walking Cane Handle
Model: 5935H
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Wood Canes & Wooden Walking Canes

Wood walking cane are strong and durable and have withstood the test of time even during a lot of technological advancements in the industry of cane construction, wood is still the choice for all walking cane manufactures around the world.

Carbon Fiber walking canes are a great example of an alternative choice but cannot match the beauty of some of the exotic woods like Cocobolo wood walking cane, Gabon ebony wood walking cane and Bolivian rosewood.  Here at the Walking Cane Company we are one of the largest manufacture of handcrafted wooden walking cane in USA.

Check out our great selection of Daily Use Wooden Walking Canes, Exotic wooden walking canes and find some great examples of custom made walking canes on our Facebook page, your search for the perfect set of wooden walking canes has come to an end. Enjoy some of the custom walking cane slide show below, if you are interested in getting a custom made walking cane give us a call 1-888-399-4870.

Palm Grip Walking Cane
Handle made from Stabilized Spalted Maple
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Wooden Walking Cane
Wooden Derby walking cane Made from Bolivian Rosewood and maple wood
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Barley Classic Lam
This custom made walking cane features East India Rosewood, Maple and Beechwood. This walking cane is fully functional weight supporting walking cane, makes a great addition to any collection.
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Custom Cane with Ivory Handle
The customer sent me his antique ivory handle and we mounted it on a Cocobolo wood shaft with polished brass accents.
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Three Piece Walking Cane
Made from Rosewood with Polished brass collars and Features laser engraving on both side of the handle.
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504 Bocote wooden walking cane
From Our derby walking cane section made from Bocote wood with Brass Ring.
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Palm Grip Walking Cane
Palm grip walking cane featuring figured Maple wood and Bubinga wood
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483 Black Walnut Wood Walking Cane
From Our derby walking cane section made from Black Walnut Wood
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Model 209 Unique Walking Cane
This unique cane series has a threaded removable handle. Included with the shaft are two handles: Unique Hammer Head Handle and the Derby Style Handle. Either handle can be screwed onto the shaft for the appropriate occasion.
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Collector walking cane
Custom made from Bubinga wood with rope pattern twist.
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337 Shillelagh - Figured Maple & Bubinga Wood Walking Cane
Handle made from Stabilized Spalted Maple wood on top of a Bubinga wood shaft.
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Collector walking cane
Custom made from Bolivian Rosewood with rope pattern twist.
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The Hickory Wood Walking Cane by the Walking Cane Company

Hickory wood Walking stick
159 Derby Hickory Natural – Med Walnut Stain

Hickory wood has been used for many years to make tool handles, wagon wheels, furniture and many more items. Pound for pound hickory wood is as strong as wood you will ever get. Available in four colors natural, medium walnut, cherry and black stain, two handle styles derby and fritz. Comes standard with a brass deco ring, other options include a silver plated ring and Monte Carlo ring.
Very durable and strong the hickory wood walking cane should support up to 275 pounds when used properly. If you don’t see what you want we will gladly build you a custom walking cane to your specifications, please call us and discuss what you need. View the whole line of hickory wood walking canes here.

Model 159 With Natural Handle and walnut stained shaft shown for $89, Free shipping.


Extra Strong Walking Cane

Extra Strong and Long Walking Cane
Extra Strong and Long Walking Cane

If you require an extra-large walking cane but are tired of the same old designs offered by other suppliers, take a look at this beautiful design from the Walking Cane Company. When extra support is needed these walking canes will do the job, and best of all there Made-in-the-USA.  Available in lengths up to 42”, which is suitable for someone seven feet tall, two wood choices and four different stains you will be sure to find one the right walking cane for you. Walking Cane Company can also build you a custom extra strong walking cane made just for you, you will be surprised at all the options of wood choices and colors.

How do other extra strong walking canes compare to ours?

Walking Cane Company extra strong walking canes are made by us and sold exclusively by us and there is a big difference between ours and what other suppliers sell which is generally manufactured by Royal Canes and are only one inch in diameter at the top of the shaft, and lacks any taper to the rubber tip, so basically it looks like a log/stick with a handle compared to ours which are one and a quarter inch thick and tapers down to one inch at the rubber tip, this gives the appearance of a normal walking cane when used by a larger person.  Don’t be fooled by other companies so called extra strong walking canes and their claim to support up to a five hundred pound person.
Below is a picture of our standard walking cane model 491 derby Bubinga wood walking cane, which is one inch in diameter at the top compared to our 7694 Extra Strong walking cane, the difference is obvious.

Walking Cane Company has several lines of walking canes which are one inch thick and made from all sorts of woods with weight bearing capacities of 250 to 300 pounds that is are standard size walking canes found in the “Made in the USA” section and all thought our site.

Best of all our Extra Strong Walking Canes are on Sale now! Save up to $30 for the rest of 2011.

Extra Strong Walking Cane
Extra Strong Walking Cane

Ergonomic Blackthorn Walking Stick with Scorched Cherry Handle Walking Cane

Ergonomic cherry scorched derby handle mounted on genuine blackthorn shaft from Ireland. This Blackthorn walking cane is absolutely an exceptional piece. These blackthorn walking sticks are in very limited supply so don’t miss your chance to get one now. Priced at $87.00 and Free Shipping also makes this blackthorn walking cane great value. Get your Blackthorn Walking Stick Here.

The Riddler Walking Cane

The Riddler Walking Cane
Custom Made Walking Cane – The Riddler Walking Cane

Two great examples of custom walking canes based on the Batman Movie series. My customers found a few options on the internet that are closer to the actual movie props but were not rated for weight bearing medical devices. Turns out I already made cane a walking cane similar to what they wanted which I call the “Why Not Walk Walking Cane” So we added a ball and changed the colors.

If you’re looking for a custom walking cane and looking for some ideas here is a few custom walking canes I have made in the past to give you some ideas and look at some past articles on this blog I generally post them here also.

Six Colorful Walking Canes to Choose From in Men’s and Women’s Sizes

Walking Cane in Six Colors to choose from
Wow! Express yourself with this Derby Style Walking Cane. Available in six bright color choices in men’s and women’s sizes.


Wow! Express yourself with this Derby Style Walking Cane. Available in six bright color choices in men’s and women’s sizes, featuring Red Oak derby style handle, brass ring and a maple shaft stained in your favorite color. Made in the USA by the Walking Cane Company assures these walking canes are quality made and will last a long time to come.

Introductory Price of $59.99 will last forever so buy now before the price goes up!

6 Colors Bright Colors to Choose From

Available in Small (Women’s) Size or Large (men’s) Size

Red Oak Wood Handle

Polished Brass Ring with clear coating to prevent tarnishing.

Stained Maple Wood Shaft

Catalyzed Lacquer Satin Clear Coat protects your cane for a long time.

Large Size Supports up to 275 when used Properly.

Small Size Supports up to 175 when used Properly.

Includes High Quality Never Slip Rubber Tip

36″ Long From Top of Handle to Bottom of Rubber Tip

Manufactured in the USA
By the Walking Cane Company

You Want a Green Walking Cane?

Green Walking Cane - First in a Series of Colorful Walking Canes

ME: Please explain to me again what color you want your cane to be?

Customer: I want a bright green walking cane; I wear a lot of green and think it will go well.

Me: I have actually been thinking about a line of walking canes in bright color so this can be the first one.
After a lengthy conversation with my customer here is what we came up with, a natural red oak handle with a bright green shaft and brass ring. The stain is actually a dye which soaks into the wood and does not sit on top of it like paint, which makes it a very durable finish with nothing to chip off. This green walking cane is the first in a series (yet to be named) of primary colors; the other colors will be red, blue, yellow, orange, purple and black.

Green Walking Cane - First in a Series of Colorful Walking Canes
Green Walking Cane - First in a Series of Colorful Walking Canes