The Riddler Walking Cane

The Riddler Walking Cane
Custom Made Walking Cane – The Riddler Walking Cane

Two great examples of custom walking canes based on the Batman Movie series. My customers found a few options on the internet that are closer to the actual movie props but were not rated for weight bearing medical devices. Turns out I already made cane a walking cane similar to what they wanted which I call the “Why Not Walk Walking Cane” So we added a ball and changed the colors.

If you’re looking for a custom walking cane and looking for some ideas here is a few custom walking canes I have made in the past to give you some ideas and look at some past articles on this blog I generally post them here also.

One comment on “The Riddler Walking Cane

  1. Is there anyway you could combine the Riddler cane with the one the breaks into pieces for luggage? I’d love to be able to make a costume that’s travel ready

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