Jun 132013

The Derby Classic Walking Cane
A true “Classic” wooden walking cane hand crafted one at a time are made with the finest strongest exotic woods from around the world.
Designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and stability. The derby style handle directs the weight of the individual over the shaft ensuring maximum stability.

Derby Bubinga Wood Walking CaneBubinga wood is a wood that is used to make high-end furniture because of its hardiness and unique wood grain characteristics. Bubinga wood has a lot of similarities to rosewood. The heart of this wood has a reddish-brown tint with dark brownish- purple wood grain streaks extremely rich in character.

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Derby Jatoba Wood Walking CaneJatoba wood walking cane, very tight straight grain wood, the handle glows depending on how you hold it in the light, the natural light brownish red finish is just fantastic. Also known as Brazilian cherry or IPE one of the strongest woods available. Now available in two sizes, Standard Size men walking canes and Small Size ladies walking canes.
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Derby Padauk Wood Walking CaneThe deep reddish orange/brown wood this Paduak wood is is imported from Africa. This Padauk wood walking cane is a gorgeous wood that has a natural reddish color. Heartwood color tends to start reddish orange when freshly machined, darkening over time to a reddish/purplish brown.
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Derby Cocobolo Wood Walking CaneCoco bolo wood cane has a very unique eye catching appearance. Rich brick red in color and often with dark weaving traces throughout the shaft. This cane is considered to be in a category of its own. The distinctive weaving and dark streaking make each cane so unique that no two canes are identical.
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Jun 042013
Walking Cane Handles and other walking cane parts for sale
Walking Cane Handles and other walking cane parts for sale

Derby Style Walking Cane Handles

Walking Cane Company now sells walking cane parts and supplies. Do you have a great stick that would make and great walking cane? Well now you can buy just the walking cane handle. We are selling our most popular Derby Style Walking Cane handle featuring nine different domestic and exotic imported woods. Plus all of the other walking cane parts and accessories.

Walking Cane Parts avaiable now

  • Derby Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane Shafts
  • Brass Rings and Collars
  • Walking Cane Rubber Tips
  • Brass and Silver Walking Cane Tips
  • Hiking Staff Tips
  • Ice Grips
Walking cane parts and supplies

Walking Cane Parts and Supplies for Sale

New Products Coming Soon!

  • More Styles of Brass Rings and Collar
  • Fritz Style Walking Cane Handles
  • Brass Walking Cane Handles
  • Walking Cane building tips
  • More styles of walking cane handles
  • More wood Choices

Be sure to vist the Walking Cane Company for all your walking cane parts!

May 112013

Offer Larger Selection of Walking CanesSo what is the perfect cane? Well the answer to that depends on your needs. Walking canes and sticks come in a variety of styles, with vast options that will suit any person, condition or style. Whether you are looking for a folding cane that provides a convenient design as well as a great look, or you would rather have a basic, wooden model that is renowned for its resiliency and lasting fashion (or latest fashion trends?), finding a walking cane manufacturer that can provide you with everything you want will offer much more than purchasing the first thing that you come across at the store.

Once you find this type of provider, be sure to look at the breadth of products they offer. Perhaps you would like a seat cane for special events like a child’s championship sports game, bird watching or just a walk in a park.

Most walking cane manufacturers can provide you with the specifics you are looking for like custom made walking cane or a manufacture selling walking cane parts like walking cane handles, walking cane shafts, brass walking cane collars and rings to accent your walking cane. They can also supply walking cane accessories like rubber tips, wrist straps and other walking cane aids.

Also, it is never a bad idea to ask your doctor or medical professional about the available options and see what they recommend for your needs. If you are shopping a major walking cane manufacturer, share their catalog with your doctor and see what they have to say about the available options. Remember that shopping at a large store because they offer an adjustable walking cane that will fit your height is not a requirement. Any major cane retailer worth their salt should be more than willing to help you fit your cane, or teach you how to size a walking cane and adjust the height yourself.

May 032013

I was once asked to build a custom walking cane, but this fellow had a most unusual request, he had a hip replacement done and was able to keep his ball part from the surgery and was wanting me to mount that to be used as a walking cane handle, I thought about it for a second and turned down the job mentioning I didn’t want to handle anyone’s bones plus the idea just grosses me out. In retrospect he would have been able to get a few more miles out of it.

Custom walking canes is one of my specialties; over the past 13 years I built several hundred, below are some of my recent examples with brief description. Maybe you have an idea for a custom walking cane or stick, had a recent surgery and a few left over parts, I promise I won’t pass up the next chance. Give me a call and we can talk about what you like and you might be surprised with what we can come up with. We also sell walking cane accessories to complete your walking cane.
Scott Prevost
Walking Cane Company
Toll Free 1-888-399-4870

Sterling Silver walking cane

Customized Formal walking cane features a hand engraved sterling silver band with initials, a custom sterling silver tip and our model 762 Men’s Sterling Silver Cap Doc Holiday Walking Cane on Ebony Shaft. All of our formal walking canes can be customized to fit your needs.

Bronze Sculpture of a Mountain Lion mounted on a Black Walnut wood shaft, there was 15 in this series we did for a guy out of New York who commissioned by a University to give out to the staff.

Ivory Walking Canes

A customer of mine purchased these two antique Ivory walking canes from an auction site, as usual the shafts were old and non-functioning so I replaced them. The Scull was mounted on a simple stick and really looked like it did not belong there, so I did an interesting mount which also helps prevent damage to the scull by giving it plenty of support.

Ankh Walking Cane

Ankh symbol mounted on a 48” shaft for an uppity men’s organization, the Ankh was made from black walnut wood and the shaft is black stained beechwood. You must be somebody special when you’re carrying one of these.

Sterling silver hand holding a microphone

Sterling Silver Hand holding a microphone was created for a for a an artist who specialized in Rap music and wanted something flashy to take to the Grammy Awards, I think we managed to get him noticed.

Multi Piece Walking Cane

One of my favorite projects is multi piece walking cane, they break down for easy storage in luggage. This cane features a Monte Carlo Walking Cane with a sterling silver hammered ring and brass walking cane tip.

sports themed walking canes

I have made many sports themed walking canes here an example of one I did for a Minnesota Vikings Fan. Using a billiard ball and mounting it to a painted wood shaft and a silver plated accent ring.

custom deer antler walking cane

This deer antler walking cane wasn’t made for anyone I just had this antler and was wanting to do something with it so I came up with this idea. The deer antler was capped off at both ends with ebony wood with a steel rod for strength; I used a brass transition to an ebony shaft which I think turned out very well. Eventually an Attorney Spokane, WA bought this cane for this collection.


Apr 302013
Extra Strong and Long Walking Cane

Extra Strong and Long Walking Cane

If you require an extra-large walking cane but are tired of the same old designs offered by other suppliers, take a look at this beautiful design from the Walking Cane Company. When extra support is needed these walking canes will do the job, and best of all there Made-in-the-USA.  Available in lengths up to 42”, which is suitable for someone seven feet tall, two wood choices and four different stains you will be sure to find one the right walking cane for you. Walking Cane Company can also build you a custom extra strong walking cane made just for you, you will be surprised at all the options of wood choices and colors.

How do other extra strong walking canes compare to ours?

Walking Cane Company extra strong walking canes are made by us and sold exclusively by us and there is a big difference between ours and what other suppliers sell which is generally manufactured by Royal Canes and are only one inch in diameter at the top of the shaft, and lacks any taper to the rubber tip, so basically it looks like a log/stick with a handle compared to ours which are one and a quarter inch thick and tapers down to one inch at the rubber tip, this gives the appearance of a normal walking cane when used by a larger person.  Don’t be fooled by other companies so called extra strong walking canes and their claim to support up to a five hundred pound person.
Below is a picture of our standard walking cane model 491 derby Bubinga wood walking cane, which is one inch in diameter at the top compared to our 7694 Extra Strong walking cane, the difference is obvious.

Walking Cane Company has several lines of walking canes which are one inch thick and made from all sorts of woods with weight bearing capacities of 250 to 300 pounds that is are standard size walking canes found in the “Made in the USA” section and all thought our site.

Best of all our Extra Strong Walking Canes are on Sale now! Save up to $30 for the rest of 2011.

Extra Strong Walking Cane

Extra Strong Walking Cane

Nov 202012

Ergonomic cherry scorched derby handle mounted on genuine blackthorn shaft from Ireland. This Blackthorn walking cane is absolutely an exceptional piece. These blackthorn walking sticks are in very limited supply so don’t miss your chance to get one now. Priced at $87.00 and Free Shipping also makes this blackthorn walking cane great value. Get your Blackthorn Walking Stick Here.

Oct 212012
The Riddler Walking Cane

Custom Made Walking Cane – The Riddler Walking Cane

Two great examples of custom walking canes based on the Batman Movie series. My customers found a few options on the internet that are closer to the actual movie props but were not rated for weight bearing medical devices. Turns out I already made cane a walking cane similar to what they wanted which I call the “Why Not Walk Walking Cane” So we added a ball and changed the colors.

If you’re looking for a custom walking cane and looking for some ideas here is a few custom walking canes I have made in the past to give you some ideas and look at some past articles on this blog I generally post them here also.

Aug 022012
The shock Absorbing Walking Cane

The shock Absorbing Walking Cane

The shock Absorbing Walking Cane with built in spring provides low-impact mobility which helps reduce impact on your wrist joint, elbow and shoulder. Features a durable high polished ABS Plastic derby handle with wrist strap, the shaft is made from anodized aluminum which adjusts from 32″ to 41″ in 1 inch increments with a push of a button, includes Rubber Tip.

Get the shock absorbing walking cane today and put a little extra spring into your step.

Aug 012012
Concord Lane Walking CanesOn a walk or at rest, a walking canes by Concord Lane conveys one’s distinctive personal style. It can transform a simple stroll into an elegant promenade, and its mere presence somehow endows any room with a decorative flair. As they are handmade in Italy, high standards of craftsmanship are assured: Aged, kiln-dried hardwoods, crystal, silver plate, resin and solid brass are just a few of the many materials and finishes employed to create works of art one can take a stroll with.

View the Full Concord Lane Catalog containing over 100 walking canes and Umbrellas in PDF format, Click the image below.

Click to View the whole line of Concrd Lane Walking Canes and Umbrellas

Click to View the whole line of Concrd Lane Walking Canes and Umbrellas

Below are a few Concord Lane Walking Canes and Walking stick, be sure to view our PDF catalog for a full Listing

Hand Painted Frog Walking Cane

Hand Painted Frog Walking Cane on a Cherry Stained Shaft


Cast Member great walking cane for the clumsy person

Cast Member great walking cane for the clumsy person


Peace Maker Walking Cane

Peace Maker Walking Cane


Silver Plated Walking Cane

Silver Plated Walking Cane


Concord Lanes Sunrise Walking Cane

Concord Lanes Sunrise Walking Cane


Chestnut Knob Umbrella - See our full line of them

Chestnut Knob Umbrella – See our full line of them


Very Nice Fritz Style Silver Plated Walking Cane

Very Nice Fritz Style Silver Plated Walking Cane


Einstien Twist of Faith Walking Cane

Einstien Twist of Faith Walking Cane



Jun 112012

Antique walking canes are great to collect but where do you go when you want to restore an antique walking cane? Walking Cane Company has been restore walking cane, building custom walking cane parts for years.  From repairing sterling silver handles to replacing antique walking cane shaft and period correct walking cane tips. Below you find some examples of things we can do.

So if you have an antique walking cane in need of restoration or repair give us a call 1-888-399-4870

Custom Walking Cane Parts and Supplies For Antique Walking Canes
Brass Bullet Walking Cane Tip
Custom Brass Walking Cane Tip End View
I get allot of request for replacement tips for antique walking cane, here is one I machined out of solid brass, it looked close to the original antique walking cane tip. I have also made ivory walking cane tips out of real ivory and imitation ivory in the past.
Silver plated tip for walking cane with rubber tip
Custom Brass tip for a walking stick
Here is one of my silver plated walking cane tips i been selling for over 10 years.
I built a walking stick for a gentlemen who was sight impaired and needed a 60″ stick with a screw joint and a roller ball tip, Showing here is half of custom brass screw joint along with a custom brass tip which excepts a roller ball tip.
Brass Knob on a hickory stick used a self defense walking cane
Double beaded brass collar for walking cane
Walking Cane Brass Knob ontop of a custom over sized brass collar, which sits on a 1 1/4″ hickory shaft which has a 6″ long 5/8″ steel rod inside the shaft just below the handle. This was purchased to be used as a self defense walking cane. I sure would not want to be on the business end of that deal, this sticks weights in just under 3 pounds.
Brass walking cane collar really ads the bling to this walking cane. Two brass rings with a brass collar and high polished finish.
Walking Cane Screw Joint
Brass Walking Cane Tip
This is the strongest walking cane screw joint you can get. The brass male rod goes down into the shaft 2″ and includes a brass collar and ring to prevent the wood from splitting out and breaking the joint. The female end also goes into the shaft 2′ and also has the brass ring with the wood sticking out past that for more added strength and alingment of the joint. Thiswalking cane screw joint is far superior to any other walking cane screw joint sold by all the comon wood working stores like Lee Valley and WoodCraft.
Another example of a custom made walking cane tip with cut rings at the top. Not really safe for walking but this type of tip is great for displying your walking cane. This particular tip unscews and can be replaces with a standard rubber tip.